Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Dear Addy, 

Today we met your daddy at the park. You were full of energy, "talking" to me the whole way there. You were also in one of those moods that proves just how determined and strong willed you are. Daddy hasn't seen much of that mood from you as for the most part you are easy going and fun loving. I am glad he experienced your stubbornness.
You did not want your shoes on and therefore couldn't walk around the park ground, and sitting you on the picnic table was not near stimulating enough once you "cleaned out" your bag and threw everything you could to the ground. Daddy didn't get frustrated but was definitely unsure of how to handle you. You had a good time and enjoyed seeing him, as I'm sure he enjoyed seeing you.
I am proud of you and your determination. I am proud that when you fall you get back up and try for it again. I am loving how vocal you are these days. I enjoy our "talks". 
I love you ad,

This is some of your artwork I just received from the completion of your first summer in mothers day out:

This is you last night. Like clockwork you get a burst of energy just before bedtime. You love being chased, falling onto your puppies and rolling around with me:

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