Monday, June 30, 2014

Dear Addelyn,
You are the absolute smartest 2 year old to ever live. 
I may be biased, but I believe it, and tell you often. 
Our friends used to tease me because I admitted once that while you were an infant I would tell you how beautiful you were, then feel guilty for putting emphasis on beauty and follow it up with telling you how smart, and funny, and kind you were.  But, please understand that you are in fact all of those things. 
You are beautiful.  I look at you sometimes and catch myself wondering how you are mine.  You and your sandy blonde hair, green-ish eyes and long legs.   How in the world did I produce that?  Truth be told you are a perfect blend of my genetics and your father's.  You have facial expressions that are "true Martin", and a full face and profile I swear is your Mimi's, then upon first glance you look so much like your father. 
Addelyn, my girl, you are funny.  Aside from your bold statements of "I funny", you truly are.  Mirrors have become your tool, as you prefect your "funny faces" in them almost daily.  And you have a fake laugh better than anyone's.  By the way, you have done that since you were 9 months old.  You have a sense, a knowledge of when something is funny, or supposed to be funny, and you give a 100% effort to "fake laugh" (which in my opinion is a testament to your brilliance and understanding of the world, but who am I?) 
And, Addelyn, you are so kind.  Let me give you a recent example:  The other night we were running from a "dragon" in the house which led us to my bed, where we then, upon your request, had to get under the covers to hide.  I slammed my head against my headboard and winced.  I was initially proud that I held back curse words, then was greeted face to face with true concern on your part, followed by an actual kiss on the head from you to me.  Let me just say too that it wasn't an open mouthed "baby" kiss, you thoughtfully puckered and kissed my head, then said "all better Momma?"
Anyway, I know I am a doting mom and that I think the best of you, but I will prove to you over and over again that I am not wrong.  You are beautiful, and smart, and funny, and kind. 
Fun stuff you are saying lately:
You follow most phrases with, "Okaaaay.?.?."  Such as, I'll be right back, Okaaay", or "Just one more whopper momma, Okaaay".  And you are picking up on everything.  Pointing out, as we are driving, when we are about to pass the lake, telling Jake tonight that a magician says "abra-cadabra", and me that there are crickets and woodpeckers in your nighttime forrest story (I don't know where you learned any of that).  You are singing and dancing, a lot.  You know all of the words to at least 8 songs and have thoroughly enjoyed having music played during dinnertime and the dance party that ensues after. 
You, my Addelyn, surprise me every day and everyday I am so thankful to be your momma.
I love you,

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